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Why your print shop is important

When I first started Photography I didn't know much about the print side of the work and I was asked by every client where I recommend they get their photos printed from.... The problem was I didn't know a place I could trust to tell them to have their images printed. So, I set out to find the place I could recommend. I ordered dozens of prints and wall art from dozens of places and found so much variation and wasn't happy with the quality that I wanted to produce with my brand. I will never pressure you to use the Elle & Co Imagery, I just wanted a high quality product to match what you see on the screen and I wanted it to hold up for years.


I called some print pros and learned that every photo printer varies. There are so many factors; paper quality, ink, printer knowledge. This is why cost varies everywhere you go. It's cheaper to use lower quality paper that can fade fast or not hold up over time. Each printer reads the photo resolutions in their own way. I wanted my print images to match what the client saw on the screen.


This lead to me venture out and provide my own print and wall options. There is investment involved in high quality product for your home, in efforts to keep cost down you for, I am happy to extend 20% off of the Elle & Co print catalog for the first 30 days you have your gallery. This includes prints, canvas wall art and photo books for sessions or weddings.


I also like to use my interior design knowledge to offer free wall consultations with your order. We can look at your wall together and create a beautiful gallery.


Each client receives the Elle & Co Imagery catalog with their finished session and in it are instructions on how to order.

If you’re a client and need help ordering, send me a message on IG or via email!

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