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hiII new friend!

michigan photography

hi I’m dani!

Your ultimate hype girl! I love seeing people laughing and loving moments in life and I love celebrating it. I am a sensitive soul and have cried at half the photos I’ve edited because ….people… living their lives…. just makes me so dang happy. 


I am truly married to my best friend and I love LOVE. I have a deep passion for romanticizing life and creating the best in every single day!! That may have something to do with being a huge mental health advocate & trauma warrior…. But I really feel like life is something deep to experience and feel, everyday. Which is really what lead me into this career. I have always had a passion for creating & capturing my own life moments and find I'm just as passionate about capturing yours as well.

Photography is truly my dream job... I left my corporate America desk job for this entrepreneur journey and I don't know how I've ever lived without it. I have poured every inch of my soul into this craft. It feeds me, it heals me and I need it.

I love seeing the world. I’ve been to so many countries that I had to get a new passport because I ran out of pages... however, I am quite the homebody (weird combo right?!) and I *love* our home. I am passionate for anything to do with home décor and organizing & I’m constantly creating new house projects when I'm not editing or on an adventure.

(God bless my husband for always smiling & being up for the task when I have a new project in mind.)


Things I love: 

All things photography. I take my go pro, polaroid, instant camera and tripods everywhere with me! Photography is my life.

My cat. All cats. All animals. I treat my cat like a human and really just love all animals. We don’t deserve them but I’m so glad we have them.


Music. Taylor Swift. Tim McGraw. Tom Petty. Music just sparks my soul so don’t be surprised if you see me dance while photographing your wedding or playing music during your photo session.

I watch FRIENDS & New Girl on repeat while editing. I get lost in the editing process for hours and hours and hours and I love every minute of it.

I love tea & have a passion for creating my own baking recipes.

I’m a sucker for the sunrise & sunset.

The beach is my ultimate happy place and you’ll find me there allllll summer.

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