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Being married to your best friend is hands down the best thing in this world! I believe this because I am married to mine!

One thing that’s been true about me my entire life is that I love “love”! Finding my passion in photography has shown me that my soul was made for this craft. It's so much more than just showing up and taking photos. It's emotion, it's detail, it's getting to know my clients so I can capture them each uniquely. 


I am so happy that you're considering me as your wedding photographer! When the months or years of planning is done and the big day is over what do you have to remember the most special day of your lives? Your investment in your memories! And your investment should be more than just hiring someone to show up and shoot. 


As much as I wish I could be everyone's dream photographer that is not reality, so I like to make sure we're a fit when it comes to my photography style. I strive to create genuine connections with each and every client. Your photographer is going to be with you the entire day and because of that I want to make sure we have a genuine connection together.  You're not just 'another booking to me', and I don't take on every inquiry that comes my way! I want you to look back on your photos and remember those moments of time and how you felt during them.


I love establishing connections with my brides leading up to their wedding, getting those texts when they found their dress, meeting for coffee to plan your timeline, all of it! Speaking of timeline, bride & grooms are often confused on how to plan the timing of everything for their wedding and I’m here to help with that! I have a wedding timeline guide that I send out and I will help you plan & figure out how many hours you really need for your desired shots and what options are a perfect fit for you. I tend to feel like a wedding planner at times but it keeps the day running as smoothly as possible.


I am an expert at attention to detail, during the day if I see little details that need adjusted, I will step in and do it. I also help arrange the schedule for the day of, family groupings, and make sure other details are worked out ahead of time to make things easy!


I have a guide that I put together that is available to anyone who wants it! It's a Q&A guide in searching for your photographer. You know you need to book a photographer but aren't sure what to look for? This guide will help you to find your fit!

Contact me for the wedding photographer guide with no expectations attached- really just my gift to you to help you find what you need!

If you'd like to chat we can schedule a phone chat or meet for coffee! I can't wait to hear the story of your love!


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