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Michigan photography

A photo session can feel nerve racking or overwhelming am I right? It's not something you do everyday. Around here, I do my sessions a little different...


One thing is true… the months and years go by so fast and we look back and what do we have to remember the moments? Our pictures. I want you to look back on your photos and instantly be flooded with emotion.

Check out what to expect from your session experience here.

All session options include high resolution, fully edited images, printing rights + client special discounts to the Elle & Co Imagery Studio.


60-90 minutes at an outdoor location.

I will suggest a location that I think we can best make your magic happen, but if you have a special place in mind that is important to you I want to hear it!

Includes up to 4 people but can accommodate more. Let us know if you have more than 4 people.

Session comes with my family wardrobe guide!



2-4 hours in your home depending on what you'd like to capture- baking, playing, just cozy family, decorating the Christmas tree. Session comes with lifestyle prep guide!


Extended family+

Do you want photos of the whole family? Grandma & Grandpa, Aunts & Uncles, need an updated extended family photo and also want an up-to-date family photo of each immediate family?

Let’s talk about options! For these sessions we can offer one price for the entire group or a strongly discounted session price for each immediate family.

Michigan photography
couples_ copy (1).jpg

You're here to capture your love!

What are couple's sessions for? Are you engaged? Is it your 1st, 5th, or 20th wedding anniversary? For anniversary sessions you can wear your wedding dress, we can get a cake or cupcakes. We can even get flowers for you! Bouquets are quite trendy in photography.

Engaged? We can celebrate with pizza & champagne! or a cookie platter & a beach picnic! Hot cocoa & warm blankets in the snow! We may even take a few polaroid's or make a gif together :)

Or do you want something laid back like flirty or sensual photos in your home? We can do that too!

Or these sessions are great “just because”! We can go walk around a location like a park, field, river, vineyard, downtown, etc and just capture the magic you share!

These are even great gift sessions for a sibling, best friend or even your parents.


60-90 minutes at an outdoor location. I will suggest a location that I think we can best make your magic happen, but if you have a special place in mind that is important to you I want to hear it!



2-4 hours outdoors with multiple locations. This is great for the couple that wants multiple scenic options + exploration. This option is great for beach or water locations where we can go exploring & also recommended for sessions if you want to end in the water as well. I will get to know you via a questionnaire and we can plan those details together!


This exclusive package is recommended for anything involving props, backdrops, bouquets,  cake, etc. We will include some options in the session (or let you know what an add-on cost would be) +  we will do most staging.


In Home:

2-4 hours in your home! We will go over a detailed questionnaire and set the tone, I’ll come in and capture what makes you a couple! Some things I’ve done have been; cuddles & reading together, listening to music/records, dancing in the kitchen, eating on the kitchen floor, having champagne & sitting on the kitchen counter, bubbles in the bath in your bathing suits, baking or cooking together- the possibilities are endless! Let’s talk about options that we can create in your home!


In-home sessions include a home prep guide so you know how to prepare your home for my arrival. (hint: you don’t need it to be spotless!)

maternity_baby_ (1).jpg

Congratulations on this special moment in your life! Pregnancy is so many things; beautiful, changing, joyful and emotional!


I created a guide to answer some basic questions to assist with booking your maternity session, if you have desire to book a maternity session, send me a message and I'll send my free guide over to you! Once booked,  I’ll send you more information on how to prepare yourself for your session so you feel beautiful.

Announcement session:

This session is typically shorter than my average session if you're just trying to get a few announcement photos to share your big news! I will give you this session for free when booking a maternity + newborn session package together. Prop items are available for purchase like; balloons, smoke bombs, gender reveal poppers, letter boards, etc.

If you're looking for more than a few announcement photos I would suggest the Traditional Session and we can also take couple's photos or general family photos as well.

Traditional Maternity:

60-90 minutes at an outdoor location. I will suggest a location that I think we can best make your magic happen, but if you have a special place in mind that is important to you I want to hear it!

Includes up to 4 people but can accommodate more. Let us know if you have more than 4 people.

Session comes with my family wardrobe guide!

Milk-bath Maternity:

Approx 2 hours at a location with a tub. This can be at your home or another indoor location. I've booked at upscale hotels and air bnb's for these before. Basic milk bath materials are included; milk, flowers & staging. There are additional options available to add on like; more flowers, floral crowns, etc.

If booking any 2-4 announcement/maternity/fresh 48/newborn session together, you will receive a free mini announcement session +  discount on the other sessions as well.

Michigan photography

in-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session:

Each session fulfills 2-4 hours in your home & are typically taken within one month of baby’s birth.

Time varies depending on your comfort level for having me around after giving birth. Some new parents are up for having me over for 4 hours so I can capture all the details and some feel a little rough and only want me to stop by for a couple hours to capture the must have moments to remember- whichever works for you I'll be there for that long!

We can capture details of the baby’s fingers, feet & lips. Details of the nursery, if it’s ready. Special moments like rocking the baby or soothing the baby together as a couple. Don't worry if your baby needs to be fed, I can work on detail shots while you feed the baby or I can capture photos of you bottle or breastfeeding. We will go over what you’re comfortable with in a questionnaire I send to you.

After reviewing the get-to-know-you questionnaire that I send to each client, we will decide on 2-3 rooms to do most of our shooting in. I love doing pictures in the nursery, even if baby isn’t using their crib yet. You can sit on the floor as a family, in the rocking chair, standing and rocking in the middle of the room, we can even try to capture baby in their crib whether they are using it or not. The nursery is usually a good backdrop space to create the feel for baby vibes.

I also think your bedroom is a perfect space, as well as the living room.  But we can shoot in any room that you normally spend time in. I tell clients that during the lifestyle photo shoot to do activities that you normally do and this applies to newborn sessions as well. We want to capture the authenticity of your life as it is right now.

How do you know if a lifestyle newborn session is right for you?

When I first began photographing newborns and babies, I found that I was developing a love/hate relationship with the typical staged pose & wrap sessions. Don't get me wrong, the photos turned out nice, but they felt too forced, I didn't like how hard they were on the baby. Getting babies perfectly sleepy and calm and wrapped up perfectly is very time consuming, can be stressful for mom, and very messy for the naked shots! Then if you add a toddler to the mix, it really can take hours for the perfect shot. In my family photography with children I love incorporating lifestyle shots- it’s less pressure for the children so I thought why not do this for newborns and I’ve fallen in love with it!

What exactly is lifestyle photography anyways?

Lifestyle Photography involves some directing on the part of the photographer. Those beautiful, natural looking lifestyle shots usually take some direction and minor staging. The photographer usually gives direction to the subjects, but there is less focus on perfect posing or looking at the camera and more focus on interacting. Documentary photography happens when the photographer does nothing to influence the scene whatsoever- they just photograph whatever is happening, wherever it’s happening. Lifestyle is similar yet a little different since we do some staging to get the desired look.

This means I will provide direction. I will evaluate the light in your home and determine where we can achieve the best photos. I will move you around and guide you where to sit or how to interact. I might also move some background items around to stage the setting a little more.

It also means I will photograph the “normal” stuff of caring for a baby; bottle feeding or breast feeding (if you desire), diaper changes, bathing, rocking, holding, baby laying on the bed or in the bassinet or crib- anything you’d do during the course of the day. I can photograph older siblings playing on the floor, being sweet to the baby or helping with the baby. I will also photograph details. Details of the nursery if you have one put together, the toes, the baby’s little nose, fingers, etc. The possibilities are endless. We can absolutely attempt a posed family photo, but it will be a much smaller focus for the overall session.


Each family is so unique, and it’s easy to just follow the baby’s cues during the session. We meet the baby’s needs and don’t have to fuss with props or working hard to get the baby to sleep. It’s really freeing and lots of fun when we embrace the unpredictability of newborns, turning ordinary moments into a moment we can capture to look back on full of emotion.


seniors and headshots_ (1).jpg


You're so uniquely fun to work with! Everyone has such different personalities and these sessions are all about finding your personality and showing it!!!

Most portrait sessions are scheduled at outdoor locations. I approach portraits like all my other sessions where I send you a detailed questionnaire to get to know you and build your session around that. Seniors and portraits have many options for aesthetic like boho/woodsy, urban/city/rooftops, country/fields, beach/sand, etc. I play music at most portrait sessions to help set a tone and to get you comfortable. Portraits involve more posing than my other sessions but I still stick with a more lifestyle approach to take the awkwardness off of just posing.

Each senior session comes with a senior prep guide to help you get ready and to know what to expect so you can feel comfortable going into it. We can play music, take polaroid's, have pizza or do many fun things together! We have so many possibilities. If there are must haves for your portraits I want to hear them!

The basics:

Just want to keep it simple but still want to capture your senior year? This one is for you!

1 hour/ 1 location/ 1 outfit


The Deluxe:

2 hours/ 1 location/ 2-3 outfits


The Luxe:

This option is divided up into 2 sessions on 2 different days.

Each session will be up to 1-2 hours to give a total 2-4 hours.

This is ideal for the senior that wants quite the variety. Basic portraits + shots with your jeep or

on the beach or at the football stadium, etc.

Cap & Gown Session:

This sessions is a "mini" session given half off when you book it with your senior session. This session is taken when your cap & gown arrives. We can pop a confetti streamer or bottle of sparkling juice (or champagne for college seniors) to celebrate your accomplishment!




Needs for portraits are endless! website building, social media branding, business cards, business headshots or just for fun!



Keeping it simple, just looking for some quicker portraits. This one is for you!

1 hour/ 1 location/ 1 outfit


The Luxe:

This option is great for multiple outfits and multiple backdrops. 

2 hours/ 1 location/ 2-3 outfits



3-4 hours. Multiple outfits.

This option is great for model sessions where we will capture a variety of outfits and locations or want to stage more elaborate backdrops.

Studio portraits:

These are booked on an as-requested basis and must be booked in advance. 

Studio bookings have limited availability as spots fill up quickly.

In-home, Hotel or Air bnb:

These sessions must be booked in advance. These are great for boudoir, model sessions or just for fun!

We can do staging in the kitchen, living room, bathtub, etc.



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this is the life you've wanted,
let's go capture it!

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